Sustain – 10 Years of Furniture Recycling

Working with The Senator Group and their ‘Sustain’ division, we’ve been recycling furniture and our product packaging for 10 years now. Here’s what we’ve done in that time –

We’re committed to using less and saving more. Click on the image below to read our guide to ‘Green thinking in Black and White’

Our services include –

Furniture Recycling

The more furniture we knowingly throw away, the more we continue to harm the environment whilst wasting valuable materials and money!

Made up of 5 Key Components, including Woods, Metals, Plastics, Fabrics and Foams all Office Furniture can be recycled. With 40 Years of Manufacturing Experience, as part of The Senator Group, Sustain knows what’s what when it comes to the best way to dispose of, dismantle and disassemble unwanted items.

Sustain minimises the environmental impact of waste by providing a closed-loop solution, to re-use, re-work or recycle all of your office furniture, end to end.

Packaging Recycling

Waste packaging is a huge cost to the furniture industry. Throwing materials away not only costs you money but also adds to the landfill shortage in the UK and wastes valuable resources that should be recycled.

Waste Packaging Regulations legislation states that companies have a Duty of Care to recycle defined amounts of their packaging.

The necessary thresholds keep decreasing, so even if you are not legally required to recycle now, you probably will do in the future, and the sooner you start the more money you’ll save.

Sustain – Green thinking in Black and White