Camira Xtreme is a modern crepe weave fabric made from 100% recycled polyester, diverting waste from landfill and saving virgin raw materials. Its stretch properties, coupled with inherent flame resistance, durability and non-pilling properties make Xtreme an ever-popular fabric for task seating.

Xtreme is composed of 100% recycled polyester. Life cycle assessment demonstrates that fabrics manufactured from recycled polyester have a significantly lower environmental impact than those manufactured from virgin polyester.

Xtreme Fabric – Class 1+ Brochure Download
Xtreme Fabric – Class 1+ Brochure Download

To download our full Xtreme Fabric – Class 1+ Fabric Swatch, click the ‘Download Now!’ button below.

Fabric Swatch Brochure Download
Fabric Swatch Brochure Download

To download our full Fabric Swatch collection in a handy PDF format, click the ‘Download Now!’ button below.

100% Recycled Flame Retardant Polyester.
Non metallic dyestuffs.
Made from 100% recycled polyester.
Certified to the EU Ecolabel.
140cm minimum
310g/m2 ±5% (435g/lin.m ±5%)
Abrasion Resistance*
Heavy duty / 10 year guarantee Independently certified to ≥100,000 Martindale cycles
EN 1021 – 1 (cigarette)
EN 1021 – 2 (match)
BS 7176 Low Hazard
BS 5852 Ignition Source 5
BS 7176 Medium Hazard
DIN 4102 B1
UNI 8456 & UNI 9174 Classe 1
NF D 60-013
Note: Flammability performance is dependent on foam used.
Light Fastness
6 (ISO 105 – B02)
Fastness to Rubbing
Wet: 4, Dry: 4 (ISO 105 – X12)
Washable to 60˚C. Wipe clean with a
damp cloth or shampoo us

Xtreme can contribute to the following LEED credits:
• Building product disclosure and optimization – sourcing of raw materials
Option 2 – Leadership extraction practices: recycled content (100% recycled polyester)
• MRc2.2 Sustainable purchasing – furniture (over 20% post-industrial recycled content)
• MRc4 Recycled Content (100% recycled polyester)
• MRc5 Regional Materials (depending on distance of project location)
Information on contribution to other green building schemes is available