Vita is a leather-look vinyl, with a subtle surface grain effect and full matt appearance. It provides maximum protection for heavy duty end-use areas in sectors such as contract, healthcare and public transport.

Vita does not contain phthalate plasticisers or heavy metals, yet remains soft, stretchy and pliable. It benefits from a modified durable top coat, which offers improved resistance to alcohol cleaners and excellent wearability.


Vita – Class 2 Brochure Download
Vita – Class 2 Brochure Download

To download our full Vita – Class 2 Vinyl Swatch, click the ‘Download Now!’ button below.


Surface: 98.5% PVC, 1.5% PU
Substrate: 50% Polyester 50% Cotton

Vita Wash & Care Instructions

PVC coated fabrics offer some of the best protection in the harshest of environments, yet there are still some sensible Do’s and Don’ts for ensuring they continue to look good and work hard.


• Soak up spills as quickly as possible (especially bodily fluids) using a dry absorbent cloth
• Clean regularly with warm soapy water
• Rinse after cleaning with clean water
• Clean persistent or heavily soiled stains with a soft brush
• Disinfect with diluted chlorinated solutions or cleaners with low concentrations of alcohol


• Leave soap or cleaning fluid residues on the vinyl surface (especially alcohol based)
• Steam clean the product
• Use stain removers and polishes containing solvents or abrasive tools and cleaning agents
• Machine wash

Be aware:

• Despite improvements made to these products, no vinyl is completely alcohol resistant. Therefore, avoid regular use of alcohol cleaners. If used, always remove residues by rinsing with water.
• Ink transfer can occur from ball point pens, felt tips and certain dyed textiles (indigo from jeans).
• Upholstery advice – Using adhesives containing solvents may cause degradation in vinyl performance.