BHC Furniture has teamed up with Bespoke Wellbeing to offer workplace desk assessments to ensure employers are compliant with health and safety regulations. All workers are legally entitled to a workstation assessment if they spend over an hour at the computer per day (The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992). The assessment is extremely important to ensure that they are not at risk of developing any pain and discomfort at work.

BHC Furniture stock a wide range of Back Care Solutions, and an Ergonomic Assessment from Bespoke Wellbeing could assist you in finding the correct products for you and your staff. Bespoke Wellbeing ensure that legal requirements are adhered to and make necessary adjustments to work areas as well as create action plans for improvement. Bespoke Wellbeing also provides education to workers to enable them to use their workstation more effectively to help them avoid aches and pains developing in the future.

The two standard assessments we’ve found suitable for our customers are the following –

Advanced DSE Assessment: £130

(Approximately 1 hour with employee)

An advanced workstation assessment is recommended for people who have mild-moderate injury, pain or discomfort at their work area which requires a discussion about their health prior to the desk side assessment. The assessor will ask lots of questions around how the injury or condition may affect them but also what concerns they have with how their workstation is currently set up. This has an advanced report, with images pre-assessment (and post-assessment where applicable), specific equipment details, and general advice on how the employer can support the employee at work.

All assessments and training are carried out by a Chartered Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist who also have postgraduate qualifications and extensive experience in undertaking ergonomic workstation assessments and occupational health assessments.

Sweep through: £40pp (minimum of x10 employees)

(Approximately 15 minutes with each employee)
A sweep through assessment is perfect for employees without any workplace concerns or underlying injury that you what to complete a DSE assessment from a health and safety compliance perspective. This involves a deskside assessment, advice on DSE adjustments and a brief written report.

Benefits of utilising Bespoke Wellbeing for your workstation assessments include;

– Compliance: Many employees do not complete the self-assessment fully or at all. Having them booked into a face to face assessment ensures 100% are compliant.

– Education: Employees are educated on what is good posture, computer setup and exercises to avoid injury and eye strain. There is also the opportunity for any questions to be answered by the professionals.

– Expert adjustments: Equipment will be adjusted at the time of assessment to optimise the individual work areas and to troubleshoot any problems on the day.

– Equipment / accessories: Equipment recommendations will be made on the day and included on the individual’s report. Equipment is also available on the day for employees to trial.

Bespoke Wellbeing can provide assessments UK wide but there may be travel charges applied to assessments outside of London and the South East. Bespoke Wellbeing can offer bespoke packages tailored to your company’s requirements. You can email or call Bespoke Wellbeing on 020 8901 6545 to organise an Assessment.