SoloScape – A new Agile Working Product

At BHC Furniture we’re keen to extend our Agile Working portfolio – we’re proud to announce we’re supplying SoloScape, a new product from Connection.

Spaces are increasingly designed without barriers, promoting proximity and encouraging movement. Whilst this closeness and flexibility increase collaboration, not everyone can focus their mind in an open plan environment. Furniture within these spaces needs to flex to support this; enter SoloScape, semi-private and acoustic workstations created to make public spaces private.

SoloScape is a range of freestanding workstations designed to build a landscape to escape within open-plan spaces. Supporting a diverse and flexible approach to workspace design, SoloScape promotes a sense of place within a culture of shared space. These freestanding single occupancy work booths have been designed with sound-absorbing panelling to offer a high level of acoustic privacy for solitary working.

Office : a boundary defining, single-user workstation with a small footprint, maximising the use of small spaces
Cross : a multi-station work hub with individual booths allowing spontaneous interactions between users
Focus : a multi-station work hub offering small or large work surfaces for touchdown or longer periods of work
Touchdown : a tessellated arrangement of opposing desks for touchdown work activities

Key features:
– Space optimisation
– Multiple configurations
– Sound absorbing surfaces
– Power modules & cable management
– Multiple worksurface options
– Multiple acoustic panel colour options

Check out our SoloScape Product Page to find out more about this new and exciting product.

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