Folk – Design by PearsonLloyd – Made by Allermuir

Folk is a mercurial, but a modest family of chair, stool and table designed for Allermuir by PearsonLloyd.

Its earthy simplicity just feels right, like it’s a design that’s always been around. Originally intended purely as a bistro chair, it grew into something more versatile, suitable for a diverse range and size of settings. Folk is both timeless in its seemingly familiar design, and timely in its modest and ingenious flexibility.

A range of wood, plastic and metal finishes, different colours and upholstery options allow you to change Folk’s flavour so that it can appear like a range of different chairs that somehow sit together harmoniously in one space. It’s flat pack – no glue – assembly and minimised usage of sustainable materials.

Stripped back with softness and sturdiness that both beckons and becalms, Folk has an effortless appearance that belies the 2 years of painstaking development perfecting the design obsessively with minute adjustments time and again.

From timber and white, to all black in plastic and metal, Folk can set different tones and create striking contrasts and eclectic collections. Folk’s design has also ingeniously responded to contemporary distribution and logistics issues. Its flatpack nature means it can be stored in volume, assembled anywhere and is ready to be shipped. At the end of it’s life it can be easily broken down to recycle or reuse.

We now have the Folk Sidechair and Folk Stool for sale – feel free to browse the product pages or contact us to speak more about Folk by Allermuir.

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