Furniture remanufacturing can be considered as a way of turning your existing furniture into ‘good as new’.

The Furniture Remanufacturing involves putting existing items of furniture back through manufacturing processes. Broken or worn components are replaced or upgraded, and any components which do not need replacing are reused.

Remanufacturing is an incredibly efficient way of retaining the embedded carbon within a piece of furniture, as only broken and unused parts are replaced and recycled. This effectively extends your furniture’s life cycle beyond one single economic use and substantially reduces the furniture’s and your project’s carbon footprint.

Desks, chairs, screens and storage units can all be remanufactured by us. Seating can be reupholstered, resprayed and reassembled, with the same or upgraded components. Desk tops can be replaced with different shapes. Desk frames can be resprayed and made into different configurations. Screens can be resized and reupholstered and filing cabinets can be resprayed and repaired – the opportunities are endless.

For more information, download our brochure below.

Furniture Remanufacturing Brochure

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