Introducing the Circular CellPod

Introducing the Circular CellPod, designed to integrate seamlessly with its surroundings, the freestanding, fully demountable and reconfigurable system is engineered to create unique environments for the office or workspace.

Circular CellPod provides an excellent alternative when creating privacy and collaboration spaces. The introduction of a new innovative air conditioning system allows users to control the temperature and airflow in their space, like never before.

Circular CellPod achieves high levels of acoustic performance without sacrificing comfort. By using the perfect balance of sound insulation, air and surface materials, the spaces provide the right level of privacy for internal and client meetings or telephone conversations, while retaining a natural feel. Circular CellPod systems are suitable for a wide range of environments, including banks, shops, car showrooms, Places of Learning and Offices.

A standard 2.8m diameter Circular CellPod can easily be installed inside three hours, keeping disruption to an absolute minimum. It can be disassembled and relocated or removed in less time without a trace of damage to the building. Utilising a combination of simple architecture, with Glazed, MFC, Laminate or Fabric panels, a vast array of permutations are possible.

Embracing the essence of sustainability the CellPod system virtually eradicates the waste associated with semi-permanent space management methods. Working together we can design the perfect CellPod environment, fully compliant with all workplace regulation and tailored to suit your application.