London NHS Offices – Agile Working

BHC Healthcare was approached by a London based NHS clientregarding a relocation of the project team to a new open plan premises in London. They were looking for a Hot Desk solution, with 40 permanent desk spaces, for a department of over 60 people. The existing floor space had two cellular offices and the rest was open plan.

Requirements for areas for touch down working, flexible meeting zones, personal storage and enough power and data for the modern worker were also needed. Priorities included the area was to enhance the working environment and make the end user feel comfortable and confident to move to and work at any free workstation.

Hot desking is a familiar concept within corporate office spaces, intentionally designed for desk systems to move away from traditional single desks packed together, with work spaces defined only by desk size. It allows groups of desks to share components reducing clutter and offering a more shared approach to the use of desk space on a more temporary need. It does not, however, allow a working environment to encompass all aspects of a truly open plan fully functioning office.

BHC noted this in respect of the hot desking brief from our client and put forward a new, fresh approach to the concept. Working with Senator International, BHC presented the new Agile Working strategy developed by Senator which puts forward a tailored, zoned approach for open plan modern working offices.

Agile Working addresses the more diverse and complex requirements of the contemporary open plan office space to suit the needs of workers. It addresses the various day to day activities of employees, the same routine and repetitive tasks but it looks at a more collaborative approach addressing innovation, planning, creativity and interpersonal skills. An open plan space that encourages team work, harnesses intelligence, increases productivity and general wellbeing within the workplace.

“Agile working was an ideal solution for this brief. It breaks away from dedicated desks for every member of staff and does not limit the amount space that hot desking does. Agile creates choice, matching activities to work settings and creates conditions that allow employees to reach their potential it takes the function of the new open office space to a new level. We developed a bespoke program with five flexible activity based areas.”
Peter Bright, MD BHC Furniture

Agile Working offers a fabulous flow throughout the new open plan office space where at all times a positive, all encompassing work environment has been created that encourages and does not stifle practice. The careful consideration by BHC Furniture in the selection of furniture from personal storage lockers, to office chairs, desks, technology, and relaxation spaces complement the overall layout.

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Case Study – London NHS Offices – Agile Working