Agile Working

As a supplier of furniture for the modern office, BHC Furniture, is a strong advocate of the concept of ‘Agile Working’.
What is Agile Working?
Agile Working is the understanding that the way people use office space is evolving. Employers are moving away from the idea of their staff being stuck at the same desk for the entire working day, and looking at more flexible ways of working. This involves separating floor space into five main categories, which are –


workWork – Personal space where staff can concentrate and be productive.
From traditional desking layouts to hot desk solutions, we have a range of products to suit your environment. Perhaps consider individual pods for staff to concentrate and encourage ‘quiet working’ in larger, open spaces?


refreshRefreshCreative spaces that inspire and encourage lateral thinking.
We have a wide range of break-out furniture that allow staff to touch down and refresh their minds. Ranging from carefully crafted soft seating, traditional bistro styles and modern tables with integrated device charging, we’re able to cater for all requirements.


shareShareInformal meeting space where ideas can be exchanged and developed.
Ideas need room to be developed, and we’ve got a selection of products that encourage group working. A popular choice are Haven Pods, which come in a multitude of configurations that allow small groups to discuss and share ideas.


showShow – Formal spaces for presentations and important meetings.
Larger conference style spaces are an integral part of office working. We can supply bespoke, traditional boardroom tables, with integrated AV equipment. Or if need a more flexible space we have a range of modular tables and seating allowing limitless configurations.


sourceSource – Effective storage of office essentials.
Despite more working environments becoming ‘paper-less’ there will always be a requirement for storage. From archive racking, to staff lockers we are able to fulfil your storage requirements effectively.
Download our Personal Lockers for Agile and Flexi Working Guide


We can plan your office space with Agile Working in mind and provide colour coded drawings of the space, to clearly show each defined area, and how it works. Below are some example drawings of Agile Working spaces we’ve created.
If you’re interested in transforming your office into a more effective and modern workplace and utilise Agile Working, contact our sales team for more information.
Or you can download our brochure of Lockers suitable for Agile Working below.