As a responsible furniture company, we’re always looking at ways to be more environmentally aware. We’re always thinking about sustainability in what we do. This is broken down into 3 main areas –

Furniture Recycling

Landfill tax is increasing on an annual basis, so disposing of your waste is going to cost you even more in the future, as well as having a negative perception with your customers. By continually throwing office furniture away we are harming the environment, wasting valuable materials and wasting money.

Office furniture is typically made up of five different types of materials which can all be recycled with a bit of effort: woods, metals, plastics, fabrics and foams.

Our main supplier, The Senator Group has been manufacturing office furniture for over 30 years so we have a good idea of what is in your furniture and also the best ways of disassembling and recycling each of these materials.

For more information visit our Furniture Recycling section.

Packaging Recycling

Waste packaging is a huge cost to the furniture industry. Throwing materials away not only costs you money but also adds to the landfill shortage in the UK and wastes valuable resources that should be recycled.

Waste Packaging Regulations legislation states that companies have a Duty of Care to recycle defined amounts of their packaging. The necessary thresholds keep decreasing, so even if you are not legally required to recycle now, you probably will do in the future, and the sooner you start the more money you’ll save.

BHC Furniture offers a packaging recycling service which will reduce your waste costs, ensure that your packaging is recycled effectively and responsibly, whilst also keeping you legally compliant with waste regulations and legislation.

Furniture Remanufacturing

Furniture remanufacturing can be considered as a way of turning your existing furniture into ‘good as new’.

Remanufacturing involves putting existing items of furniture back through manufacturing processes. Broken or worn components are replaced or upgraded, and any components which do not need replacing are reused.

Desks, chairs, screens and storage units can all be remanufactured by The Senator Group.
Seating can be reupholstered, resprayed and reassembled, with the same or upgraded components. Desk tops can be replaced with different shapes. Desk frames can resprayed and made into different configurations. Screens can be resized and reupholstered, filing cabinets can be resprayed and repaired – the opportunities are endless!