Axyl Bench – A welcome addition to the Axyl Family

At BHC Furniture, we’re happy to announce the arrival of the Axyl Bench, which is an extension of the Axyl Chair & Stool and Axyl Table ranges.

The entire collection, including the new bench, is based around an inverted Y-frame, resulting in both a high level of structural integrity and a unique design language. Each product features dynamic fluid joints and strong architectural silhouettes. Designed as a flexible system, Axyl allows specifiers, designers, architects, and design lovers to create hundreds of iterations by mixing and matching finishes, the 8 colour options, and elements.

Sustainability is at the heart of the Axyl collection. The recycled aluminium frame has been carefully engineered to make efficient use of materials, while the shell is available in a number of plywood finishes, which offer a more sustainable alternative to traditional solid timber seating. Each product in the collection, including the new bench, is modular. Components are mechanically fitted together, so each piece can be efficiently packed and easily transported. At the eventual end of its life, each product can be easily disassembled for recycling.

You can check out the Axyl Bench Range here.

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