Furniture Recycling

Waste Costs


With the annual increase of Landfill Tax the UK Government has forced companies to look into their waste disposal costs. Due to its big and bulky nature, furniture can be very expensive to dispose of. So sending redundant furniture to landfill is not financially or environmentally viable anymore.

BHC Furniture can prove that recycling is a cheaper alternative to landfill. A recent case study has shown that throwing furniture to landfill costs around £9 per item on average, based on skip charges and disposal costs. Disposing of furniture via traditional landfill routes will cost you this much (and will increase by around 10% each year).


LandfillBHC Furniture’s furniture recycling service ensures that furniture is diverted from landfill, whether this is through materials recycling or ethical reuse routes. Any furniture which is suitable for reuse will be donated to charities, schools and social enterprises. These charities can be chosen by the client if there is any personal preference; otherwise BHC Furniture will choose the charities based on geographical area and furniture requirements. Any furniture which is not suitable for reuse will be recycled via BHC Furniture’s extensive recycling program.

Furniture is typically made up of woods, metals, plastics, fabrics and foams. All of these materials can be recycled, with a bit of effort, and therefore fully diverted from landfill. BHC Furniture in partnership with Senator has set up a network of Recycling Centres across the UK to recycle old furniture, and we use backloaded transport wherever possible so the transport element of each job is kept to a minimum, therefore decreasing the overall project Carbon Footprint.

Certification Certification

After each recycling project you will receive a recycling certificate outlining the quantity of items, the weight of the items and carbon saved by recycling your items of furniture. A sample certificate is shown. These certificates are always emailed to clients, to save on the environmental cost of printing each one on paper.

Our recycling service is externally audited twice a year on its recycling processes, to ensure we’re fully compliant and doing what we say we’re doing.

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