Desk Treadmill

The DR5000-DT3 Desk Treadmill will work with any existing height adjustable desk – it’s ideally suited to our Chemistry range. This Desk Treadmill is suitable for up to 10 hours usage per day. Ideal for large offices, multiple users or teams as well as the dedicated treadmill desk user. Fitted with a DC motor for quieter performance. Requires little to no maintenance.

The heavy duty TR5000 Desk Treadmill base has a durable 3HP motor and unlike most fitness treadmills this workplace treadmill motor is precisely crafted to work for hours at low intensities (maximum 4mph), guaranteeing miles of cool, quiet activity. The TR5000 Desk Treadmill fits perfectly under most standing desks making it easy to transform your standing desk into a walking desk. The DT3 Desktop controller is the perfect size to discreetly sit on your desk.

The DT3 controller is also Bluetooth-enabled letting you wirelessly sync and track activity data with the LifeSpan Club app.

By walking at work with a Desk Treadmill, you will be able to greatly cut down on your sedentary time, avoiding sitting disease. The Desk Treadmill offer many great user benefits such as an increase in productivity, improved cardiac health – lowering your risk of developing heart disease, improved circulation, and relief from RSI and lower back pain. Treadmill Desks have also been proven to help reduce your chances of developing type two diabetes.

• TR5000 treadmill base for use with an existing height adjustable desk
• Suitable for up to 10 hours use per day
• Ideal model for offices and shared spaces .
• Requires little to no maintenance
• Fitted with a DC motor for quieter performance – the ideal choice for offices and shared spaces

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